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Moog Animatics is more than just another technology company. We are a fast paced, rapidly growing industry leader and pioneer in integrated motion control products. We are committed to overcoming technical challenges and achieving real innovation through a relentless, highly creative team that takes pride in Defining the Future in Motion Control.

Moog Animatics will recognize your unique talent and drive with an excellent salary package that includes medical and dental benefits along with a 401k plan and educational assistance. A Great Opportunity is only as far as your closest computer or fax machine. Send your resume for immediate consideration. Through diversity, we find strength to succeed: Moog Animatics is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To see our list of currently available opportunites or to submit your resume for future ones, visit the Moog Careers page.


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Message from the Founder

The SmartMotor™ may be painted black, but it is really very green. Consider the following:

The SmartMotor™ is made in the same shaft and frame dimensions as open-loop step motors, but uses a small fraction of the power because it only uses as much power as the load physically needs.

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Watch the SmartMotor™ in action

CNC Surfboard Machine using SmartMotor and HLD60 Belt Drive Actuator
CNC Surfboard Machine using SmartMotor and HLD60 Belt Drive Actuator
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