Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ IO CAN Bus Master Capability

SmartMotor™ Six-Axis System

Moog Animatics H-bot and T-bot systems

SmartMotor™ Three-Axis Demo System Performs Multi-Axis Path Capabilities by Math Function

Moog Animatics 14 SmartMotor™ & Actuator Motion Control Demo with Combitronic™

2 Axis Coordinated Motion with SmartMotor™ and Combitronic™ and CAN Custom HMI with SmartMotor™ Integrated Servo Motor over RS-232 Electronic Gearing with SmartMotor™ off of a Virtual Master with Phase Advance
Interactive Profile Scanning using SmartMotor™ and Laser Sensor Traverse and Takeup Winding with SmartMotor™ Electronic Gearing CNC Surfboard Machine: SmartMotor™ & HLD60
Flexible Tooling for Aircraft Skin Processing Mini-Mill Cutting Puzzle Pieces SMNC™ Software for CNC Applications
"Chronos and Kairos" at San Jose Airport Tabletop Robot Live Position Tracking Tabletop Robot Linear Interpolation
Torch Height Control CNC Plasma Cutter What is a SmartMotor™?
Glue Dispensing Stand Alone Circular Class 5 Phase Adjust Mode
SmartMotor™ feat Combitronic™ 6 Axis Actuator Demo SmartMotor™ Homing Routine on L70 Actuator SmartMotor™ Conveyor Detection
SmartMotor™ Application Summary SmartMotor™ Package Tracking Application with Laser Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ Applications
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.