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TOPIC: What can cause a syntax error?

What can cause a syntax error? 5 years ago #138

I'm writing a labview application to drive a couple of SmartMotors. I keep noticing the syntax error flag being set, often when I haven't sent any commands. It seems to reset itself arbitrarily too. I also see it set on the second motor every time I have done a "find motors" in the SMI.

What actually causes a syntax error? As a test I tried sending gibberish to a motor but it just ignored it, no syntax error.

Communications seem to be working fine by the way. I'm using 2 motors daisy-chained on RS232.

Re: What can cause a syntax error? 5 years ago #139

  • csearcy
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A syntax error will occur when any invalid command comes in through the serial port.
Note: If the motors are addressed, they will ignore all data unless their address is specified. Syntax errors can also occur due to electrical noise corrupting the command.

Re: What can cause a syntax error? 5 years ago #140

Thanks. Today it is behaving as it should. If I send an invalid command like "1H" or "1£$%^" then it sets the syntax error flag. It wasn't doing that yesterday - very odd.
I'll try to check the RS232 link by sending repeated commands.

I just ran the tuning utility on both motors and no syntax errors appeared. I think that counts as a thorough test!
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