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TOPIC: Block Motion Commands but allow Report commands

Block Motion Commands but allow Report commands 2 years, 7 months ago #1458

  • shagmwp
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Is there a way to block/ignore motion commands from the serial port, but still allow the report requests?

The PAUSE command only pauses the program on the motor but still allows serial commands to execute.

The SLEEP command will block ALL commands from the serial port save the WAKE command. Can I have it selectively block only the motion commands?

Any other options?

The selective blocking behavior would be toggled based on interrupts on a class 5 motor.


Re: Block Motion Commands but allow Report commands 2 years, 7 months ago #1461

  • csearcy
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If you have the -DE(Drive Enable) option on the motor.. you could inhibit motion by removing drive power.

You could also use the over travel switch inputs to inhibit motion(if you don't have the -DE option).
You could probably do the same with soft limits if you can send the commands via RS232. SLN=0 SLP=0 SLE
One more... you could set EL=0 and AMPS=0 so any motion command would fault out without moving.
...with any of these options.. you would have to set values back to what they were... and clear errors with a ZS to allow motion again.

The serial port has high priority... so commands like S can come through. I don't know of a way to ignore or block the motion commands without blocking everything.
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