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TOPIC: RS232 communication fail

RS232 communication fail 1 year, 7 months ago #1751

  • TBL
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Good Day,
I am installing a VHF antenna system running on SM2316D motors. One for azimuth axis and one for elevation axis. The antenna control unit failed to talk to the motors. As such, I supplied a 48V to power up one motor. The LED on the motor is red. The current drawn is about 0.03A. Is this current normal for an operating motor?

Failed to establish communication link to SM2316D using SMI with RS232 interface. The RS232 connection as follows:
RS232 pin 3 (TX) is connected to Motor RX pin.
RS232 pin s (RX) is connected to Motor TX pin.
I don't think is the RS232 connection issue as I had successfully established the RS232 communication link in the past.

I also tried the Communication Lockup Wizard but failed. The error message is “Motor is not power up.” If the motor is not powered up, what does the red LED represent? I remembered the motor upon power up was red. Once establish the link, the LED is green.

What has gone wrong?
Please help.
Thank you.

Re: RS232 communication fail 1 year, 7 months ago #1760

  • csearcy
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Make sure you have GND as well as RX and TX. You can also try a loopback test as follows.
1. Remove the power and communications connector from the SmartMotor.
2. Connect pin3 to pin4 on the power and communications connector(this jumps RX to TX).
3. Type a=123 in the blue Terminal window.
You should see a=123 repeated after you press Enter or click Send. If this does not happen, your cable, or computer RS232 port is not working.

Re: RS232 communication fail 1 year, 4 months ago #2049

  • Jimmy
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Lockup can fix it.Look the detail in Lockup screen.And then try again according to the detail.

Re: RS232 communication fail 1 year, 4 months ago #2053

  • TBL
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Thank you for the suggestions. The communication fails is due to the RS232 chip faulty on both Az and El motor. After replacing the chips, I was able to establish link to both motors.
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