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TOPIC: Issues communicating with motor (Labview 2011)

Issues communicating with motor (Labview 2011) 4 years ago #718

I'm still fairly new at coding with smartmotors, and am interfacing with them using integmotorinterface.dll to control 3 motors on a RS-232 Daisy-chain. I don't see any way to show my code, so I will do my best to explain. In my code, I try to update the front page using some information from the following set of commands...
GetMotor - Passing in vars from a for loop, runs fine
GetPosition - using motor reference from GetMotor
GetResponseOf("RW") - runs fine as well
GetResponseOf("RIN(0)") - Program throws error here. Supposed to detect when hard halt is set and return a message saying it happened.
Error text - Exception occured in No Source: No response received!Help Path is IntegMotorInterface.chm and context 4005 in Animatics_MotorInfo.vi->XY UT Scanner GUI.vi
My motors are SM2316DT-PLS2 with version 4.95.
this same block of code used to run fine on my system, but now that error occurs every time. The only thing that has changed is that before I used a DB-15 D-sub Connector running through a serial-to-USB converter, and now I use a 7W2 Combo D-sub Connector. Could this cause that kind of issue? If so, how can I address this issue without removing that functionality?
If there's a way to post images, let me know, and I can post part of my code, if needed.

Re: Issues communicating with motor (Labview 2011) 4 years ago #719

The issue has been solved. I had 2 problems. 1) I guess I can't use RIN(#) with firmware version 495. 2) I was not addressing my motors properly.
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Re: Issues communicating with motor (Labview 2011) 4 years ago #720

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Thanks for the post. Many have been in the same situation.
The instruction sets for the SmartMotors with firmware revisions less than 5.00 ...are available in the Legacy section under Products... www.animatics.com
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