Expanded I/O 16 Channel Opto-Rack Adapter

Expanded I/O is just a step away with the OPTO1 AniLink interface adapter. The OPTO1 interfaces directly into industry standard 16 channel Opto racks allowing easy expansion into your machine design. This Adapter Card plugs into the industry standard I/O Module Rack such as OPTO22™, making the SmartMotor control the industry standard I/O module. The Adapter receives a DIN or DOUT command from the SmartMotor on the AniLink port and controls up to 16 digital modules on the rack as a group of 8 inputs or outputs. Each unit takes up 2 AniLink addresses (4 units max per motor). The adapter operates on +5 VDC that can be supplied by the SmartMotor through AniLink™ connection. The logic sides of the I/O modules on the rack must of +5 VDC. The adapter card does not support I/O modules that require more than 25 mA of input current. If other peripherals are drawing current from the SmartMotor and there is no room for the SmartMotor™ to supply +5 VDC for the rack, the user must ensure that the SmartMotor™ powers-up simultaneously with the rack power supply or earlier. If the rack powers up first, the device on the OPTO1 adapter may latch up, losing communication with the SmartMotor.


  • Addressable expanded I/O interface card.
  • Plugs into 50 pin header or edge card type Opto-Racks.
  • 4 Opto-1 boards per motor gives you 64 channel expansion.
  • Ties in with all other AniLink family devices.



  • Up to 4 OPTO racks can be controlled by 1 SV
  • Easy installation
  • Easy expandability
  • Broad compatibility


  • Dimensions: see figure
  • Weight: 15 oz (425 g)