Power / Communication Cable for Main 7W2 Connector on D-Style SmartMotor™

ModelCommunication BusLengthTerminal Type Pictures
CBLSM1-xM RS-232 3-10m & Custom Single-axis cblsm1-xm
CBLSMADD-xM RS-232 0.3-7.5m Multi-axis cblsmadd-xm
CBLSMCDS-xM RS-232 and CAN Bus, plus
motor power, all in one cable
0.3-7.5m Multi-axis cblsmadd-xm
CBLSM1-DEMO RS-232 1m Single-axis CBLSM1-Demo
CBLSM1-X-Y-Z RS-232 Custom Multi-axis cblsm1-x-y-z
CBLPWRCOM2-xM RS-232 3-10m Flying Leads cblpwrcom
CBLSM2-X-Y-Z RS-485 Custom Multi-axis cblsm2-x-y-z
RS485-ISO RS-232 and RS-485 10m Converter rs485_iso