TTL-level digital Input/Output device for use on the AniLink bus


The DIO-100 is an eight-bit input or eight-bit output TTL-level digital Input/Output device for use on the AniLink bus. The DIO-100 can also be used as an interface to many parallel communication devices such as absolute encoders, PLC's or custom control systems. Each unit takes up 1 AniLink port address (8 max). Each Input/Output can source as much as 2 mA or sink up to 10 mA. They reliably switch an electronic relay or SRC, but can not drive a mechanical relay directly. All signals must be inputs or all outputs at any one time. Data is read from the DIO-100 eight bits at a time and arrives at the controller as an integer. This integer can then be parsed or used in mathematical equations allowing the controller to respond to conditions outside the system. A data strobe signal, a read/write flag and two address outputs are provided to allow a convenient data transfer protocol to external equipment. These signals can be ignored in applications using only simple Input/Output. The DIO-100 is plug-in compatible with the SmartMotor. As many as eight DIO-100 modules can be uniquely addressed on a single AniLink bus. The AniLink bus and DIO cards employ I2C technology. The chips are readily available and schematics may be obtained from Moog Animatics for your own custom use for very unique or price sensitive applications. The SmartMotor is always the master over RC communications.


  • Eight inputs or outputs.
  • TTL level signals.
  • Unidirectional I/O.
  • AniLink compatible.
  • Firmware supported.



  • Full one byte data transfer or eight control channels.
  • Standard interface for system communications or the control of electronic control devices such as SRC's or electronic relays.
  • Unitized interface is easily serviceable in field applications.
  • Simple plug-in operation.


  • Bus DC line voltage: 5VDC
  • Auxiliary Power Input: + 6 to +24VDC
  • Normal Maximum DC Current: 40 mA
  • Inputs (eight): TTL level, sinking 10 mA
  • Output (eight): TTL level, sources 2 mA


  • Dimensions: see figure
  • Weight: 1oz (28g)


  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 50° C
  • Storage Temperature: -20 to 70° C
  • Humidity: 0 to 90% non condensing