OEM NEMA 17 Series



Product Table

Part #RatioContinuous Output TorqueGearhead Inertia at input (lb-in-sec2)
@ 1500 rpm input (in-lbs) @ 3500 rpm input (in-lbs) @ 5000 rpm input (in-lbs)
Single Stage
GH17SP004 4:1 75 57 49 1.28x10-5
GH17SP007 7:1 60 51 46 7.65x10-6
GH17SP010 10:1 48 43 39 6.69x10-6
Double Stage
GH17SP016 16:1 81 74 70 1.27x10-5
GH17SP028 28:1 83 79 76 7.63x10-6
GH17SP049 49:1 61 59 58 7.55x10-6
GH17SP070 70:1 61 60 59 6.64x10-6
GH17SP100 100:1 47 46 46 6.63x10-6

NOTE: Please see the Axial Load tab for load specifications. PEAK TORQUE: 15% above continuous rating.
WARNING: Repeated peak torque loading may cause failure and will void the warranty.

CAD Drawing

Axial Load

Mounting Instruction

Gearhead Mounting Instructions

The following items are included with your gearhead:

- 1 pinion- 1 to 2 hex wrenches
- 1 key- 4 mounting screws
- 1 feeler gauge (optional)

Following the step by step directions below you will clamp the pinion to the motor shaft, then fasten the gearhead to the motor.

  • Remove the pinion or plug from the gearheads' input seal
  • Place the motor on a level surface if possible.
  • Insert the pinion onto the motor shaft. Space it according to the value "A" listed in the Table 1. See figure 1.
  • Tighten the pinions' clamping screws to the specifications listed in Table 2.
  • Pick up the gearhead and very slowly and carefully insert it onto the pinion.
  • Important

    Keep the gearhead centered and parallel with the motor output shaft while assembling the gearhead to the motor.

    Note: It may be difficult to get the gear teeth to line up and slip into place. DO NOT move the gearhead radially back and forth. If you are having difficulty sliding the gearhead onto the pinion, try turning the gearheads' output shaft back and forth. Keep the gearhead centered and parallel with the motors' output shaft.

  • Insert the gearhead mounting screws, but do not tighten (Loctite is recommended). With the mounting screws loose turn the gearheads' output shaft. This helps the pinion center itself within the gearhead. Five to ten revolutions should be enough.
  • Tighten down the mounting screws to the specifications listed in Table 2.

Table 1

Dimension "A" Tolerance
1.50 +/- 0.025

Figure 1

Table 2

screw size
(alloy steel)
recommended screw torque (in-lbs)tolerance +/- (in-lbs)

NOTE: Specifications are subject to changes without notice.

Download the Gearheads specifications