Power and communications cable for main 7W2 connector on Moog Animatics SmartMotor™




CBLSM1 series is the main power and communications cable consisting of a 7W2 main motor connector split out to a pre-wired RS-232 DB-9 connector to plug directly into any standard PC serial port.

The power is split off and has a connector that plugs in to our enclosed frame power supplies.

Part NumberLength
unit in meternote
CBLSM1-3M 3 Standard length (in meter)
CBLSM1-10M 10 Standardlength (in meter)
CBLSM1-x x (in feet) Custom length (in feet)


Note: Communications Shield is connected at the DB-9 end, but NOT the Motor end. The power cable is connected at the motor connector shell but electrically isolated from any internal electronic components.


Cable Spec & Drawing Downloads: