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Isolated RS-485 Multi-Drop Custom Cable




Isolated RS-485 Multi-Drop Custom Cable

This cable makes use of the RS232485 converter at the host and a single RS485-ISO adapter at each motor.

The adapters have power hard wired and RS-485 wired together via jumper cables with a 4 pin G-grid Molex connector at each end. As a result, it is easy to add or remove a given motor on the bus for setup and troubleshooting. Since the RS485-ISO adapters are used, the entire bus is isolated and shielded for maximum noise immunity in electrically harsh environments.

These cables are made to order where:

  • X = cable length in Feet from the first motor to the power and serial connectors
  • Y = number of motors
  • Z = distance in feet from one motor to the next

Note: This part numbering system does not allow for different length between each motor daisy chain network.

Example: CBLSM2- 10- 3- 5 would give you a 3-motor cable with 10 feet to the first motor and 5 feet between each motor


NOTE: At least one shunt resistor is required on ALL CAN bus networks. Please consult the factory for additional information.


Cable Spec & Drawing Downloads: