Power and Communications Daisy Chain Cable for Networking Power and Communications to Multiple Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ Servos.




CBLSMADD series is the main power and communications cable consisting of a
feed-through 7W2 main motor connector split out to a single second motor 7W2 connector.

The cable is designed to allow ease of connection to multiple motors in a single
RS-232 serial daisy chain network. The Main Power Ground wire is of a larger
gauge to decrease noise emissions at the ground-plane level. The RS-232
Communications lines are internally shielded from the power lines.

Part NumberLength
unit in meter
CBLSMADD-0.3 0.3
CBLSMADD-7.5 7.5


Due to gauge of the main power lines, it is not recommneded to use the "Add-A-Motor" cables with the larger 34 frame SmartMotor™. If there is just one 34 frame SmartMotor™ in a system design, then it should be the first motor in the chain so as to minimize voltage drop effects over the entire network.


Cable Spec & Drawing Downloads: