The DIN-RS232 is a DIN Rail Mount breakout for RS-232 communications.


DIN-RS232 allows a single Master to communicate with up to eight Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ servos over RS-232 without the loss of bandwidth typical of daisy chain propagation. Since this operation is nearly identical to the operation of an RS-485 bus, the DIN-RS232 can also accommodate an RS-485 master.

The DIN-RS232 master communications circuitry can take its power from any industry standard 24V power supply. The eight communications links to each of the Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ breakouts are electrically isolated from the master, and are individually powered by its associated SmartMotor. This isolation can be critical to reliable systems where there may be ground bounce in the power runs between the motors.

The DIN-RS232 is able to transmit simultaneously to eight SmartMotor™ servos because all of the links are in parallel. This means that the eight transmit and receive lines are functionally tied together. For this reason, the user must treat the eight SmartMotor™ on this unit as if they were on a parallel communications bus, like RS-485. While the user can transmit to  all SmartMotor™ servos on the bus simultaneously, care must be taken to assure that no two SmartMotor™ servos reply at the same time. The DIN-RS232 also has a fused power bus to allow the convenient connection of the SmartMotor™ to a central power input.


Features Benefits
Eight RS-232 Communications ports
Isolated interface to eight SmartMotor™ servos without daisy chain propagation delay penalty.
Power bus
Fused interconnection to up to eight SmartMotor™ servos
Selectable Master
Choose RS-232 or RS-485 to be the communications Master