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Enclosed Shunts


Type Part Number Trigger Voltage Drop out Voltage Current Draw
when gated on
Watts Effective
Bus Load
Enclosed SHUNT42V100W 49.5 VDC RISING 48.5 VDC FALLING 4 Amps 100W 12.5 Ohms
SHUNT42V200W 49.5 VDC RISING 48.5 VDC FALLING 8 Amps 200W 6.25 Ohms


  • Enclosed Shunt
  • Matching 4 pin AMP connector to enclosed power supply
  • Automatically gate on at >=49.5VDC
  • Power from DC bus
  • May be connected in parallel with any supply



WARNING: Improper power supply sizing may result in motor position error faults, motor resets, and machine faults.

NOTE: Specifications are subject to changes without notice.

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