Animatics Corporation Announces Alliance with Parker Hannifin

From left to right:
Robert Bigler, CEO of Animatics Corp. and
Roy Glassett, Automation Group VP of Operations Parker Hannifin


Animatics Corporation proudly announces completion of a strategic business alliance with Parker Hannifin of Cleveland, Ohio. As part of the alliance agreement, Parker will integrate Animatics' patented motion control technology and participate in joint product development resulting in completely independent motion solutions for sale through its own channels.

This alliance provides Animatics with resources to further expand its position as "The Leader in Integrated Motion Control." The alliance will expand integrated motion awareness and acceptance.

Robert Bigler, CEO of Animatics said "Animatics has sold more SmartMotors, both in dollar volume and axis count in the Month of March, 2002, than any month in the company's history. Still, there are a lot of engineers out there taking a 'wait and see' approach to the completely integrated solution. Parker's entrance will go a long way toward adding yet one more point of credibility for the designer with a mind for minimizing risk."

On a related note, Animatics recently had great news from the Patent Office. Animatics' patent has for some time been tied up at the USPTO for re-exam resulting from the company's litigation with QuickSilver Controls, Inc. The good news is that Animatics successfully defended the patent and it is being reissued - with an additional 65 claims. This victory will give Animatics strong protection for its integrated servo products.

The company now expects to conclude the litigation with QuickSilver before the fourth quarter of this year. The Animatics strategy is to create alliances with reputable companies that recognize both the patent protection as well as the benefits of working together to cover all areas of the market with mature technology.

Robert Bigler states "We're looking for partners who bring something bold and unique to the industry. In the case of Parker, its Compumotor division has the most impressive manufacturing system I have ever seen. No company I know of has the ability to deliver a standard or even custom motor faster or more efficiently than Compumotor. And when you get it, you can count on it being a solid product, because it is Parker." Animatics continues to evaluate new alliances to service other areas of the market.

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