Make Your Machine Green and Save Money

The SmartMotor™ may be painted black, but it is really very green. Consider the following:

The SmartMotor™ is made in the same shaft and frame dimensions as open-loop step motors, but uses a small fraction of the power because it only uses as much power as the load physically needs. Open-loop step motors are always “on”, drawing as many as several amps constantly, just to hold still. In most machines, many motors spend a lot of their time, even most of their time, just holding still.

Step motors can be purchased at a lower cost, but use large amounts of power with a single motor costing as much as hundreds of dollars more in electricity alone through the life of a machine. Selecting a single size 34 SmartMotor, instead of a step motor, could spare the release of as much as 10 metric tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere over its life.

Because the SmartMotor™ is made a fraction of the size of a traditional control system, and with considerably less cabling, the manufacturer who utilizes the SmartMotor consumes far less materials. In addition, its self-contained nature makes the SmartMotor better than recyclable; it is reusable. Most machines will reach the end of their useful lives long before the SmartMotor™ will, and transferring the SmartMotor to another machine is easy because the components are not spread all-over and the cabling is simple.

If you are making a machine for your own use, consider the long-term cost benefits of paying a small premium for closed-loop SmartMotor™ over open-loop step motors, even if your machine doesn’t need the added throughput, or quieter operation. You would be making a small, short-term investment to reap the benefits of some large, long-term savings and also be doing all of our children a big favor by sparing the environment.

If you are making a machine for someone else, please consider communicating and “selling” these benefits to your valued customer. With every passing year, an increasing number of machine users will be specifying energy consumption. Be proactive. Have the right answers, before the questions are asked.