Moog Animatics Overview

We don’t sell motors.

Moog Animatics delivers total machine solutions. As passionate machine builders, we truly understand the associated challenges and demands of this endeavor. Our comprehensive motion control solutions spring from the desire to deliver significant savings to machine builders by lowering the real world total cost of developing, building, selling and supporting automated equipment.

Moog Animatics makes highly reliable machine building fast and easy. From simple two-axis pick and place applications to installations of more than 1,000 servos instantly synchronized in coordinated motion, we have an innovative solution for you.

Total Automation Solutions

Since 1987, Animatics has been designing, manufacturing and marketing motion control products. We have been bringing total automation solutions to numerous industries, including but not limited to semiconductor, defense, automotive, aerospace, biomedical, textile, security, marine sciences, packaging and many more. In 2011 Animatics was acquired by Moog, Inc. and became Moog Animatics.

When you need an innovative solution, you need Moog Animatics. We pride ourselves on offering the most creative and complete answer to your motion control questions. Moog Animatics’ SmartMotor™ is a prime example. Shortly after its introduction, Moog Animatics and the SmartMotor™ won Product of the Year Awards and recognition from Electronic Products, Design News, Product Design and Development, Inc. Magazine and more.

Revolutionizing the industry

Along with the Moog Animatics Class 5 product line with five times faster processing speed of traditional integrated servos, and the new Class 6 product lines with Industrial Ethernet, the Combitronic™ communication option is revolutionizing the industry.

Our success is due to our unique approach to integrated motion controls and amplifiers: fully digital systems requiring no physical adjustments. This means maximum MTBF, greater durability and serviceability, reduced development time and reduced cost.

Moog Animatics is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley with operations in Murphy, North Carolina, international offices in Germany and Japan, and an infinite network of Moog Animatics-trained Automation Solution Providers around the world.