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Moog Animatics offers the most advanced, highly integrated automation solutions in the industry and supports a wide range of applications.

Application Note

Control Solutions for Winding and Spooling

Spooling is the most effective way to conveniently package materials of exceptionally long length, such as thread film, wire and thermoplastics. Moog has been a long-time solution provider for winding and spooling applications.

Advantages of SmartMotor™ Solutions:

  • Specialized commands for winding applications
  • Reduced total cabling costs
  • Easily add additional axes
  • Auto-reversing electronic gearing
  • Closed-loop system control

Our Solutions Can Be Found in Various Applications

    • Aircraft Skin Processing
    • Aerospace PID Style Antenna Pedestal
    • Architecture
    • Agricultural
    • Art and New Media
    • Automotive
    • Autonomous Vehicles
    • Biomedical
    • Chemical
    • Cryogenics
    • Education
    • Entertainment
    • Factory Automation
    • Life Science
    • Marine Science
    • Material Handling
    • Medical
    • Metal Working Machines
    • Military
    • Oil Industry
    • Packaging
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Quality Assurance Inspection
    • Security
    • Semiconductor
    • Signage/Artitechtural Forms
    • Testing and Metrology
    • Wood Working Machines
    • Ultrasound Testing

SmartMotor™ CNC Plasma Cutter Demo

This video showcases the SmartMotor™ integrated servo driving a CNC plasma cutter creating simple and complex shapes. Even though this gantry is geared for smooth, rapid traverse, nothing is spared for high speed (greater than 1500 inches per minute) intricate cutting as well. Notice there is no rounding of corners while providing tight fast precision cuts. Watch our demonstration video to learn more.