Application Note 1.3: Linear and Rotary Motion in Architecture

Architecture Linear and Rotary Motion
  • Minimize cabling to eliminate artifacts in the video signal
  • No program loss upon power loss
  • Strict deadline for complete system integration
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Advancements in digital architecture allow TV’s, monitors and other digital displays to move freely on a mounted, customizable track system in residential and commercial settings. The track can be installed in nearly any shape and any length, allowing for linear movement and vertical movement, as well as 360 degree rotation. Motion controllers integrated onto servo motors allow the user to conveniently rotate and move their panel to a desired position anywhere on the track.


Combining video feed with motion required a servo motor that sent out DC voltage with minimal cabling because too many cables lead to artifacts in the video signal. The controller must also be able to retain the program upon power loss. The entire system integration was on a strict deadline, so installation and programming time had to be extremely efficient.


The manufacturer chose the SmartMotor because its integrated nature allowed for minimal cabling and the program could be stored within the internal memory. In addition, design and installation time was minimized and the deadline was met because of the ability of the machine builder to program the SmartMotor before it was installed in the system, and while the rest of the system was being designed. Ultimately the user was able to control their system through a remote and a smartphone application.