Medical MRI/EKG Testing Machine
  • Compact, portable machine
  • Advanced controller capabilities
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Medical equipment is held to an extremely high standard for quality and reliability compared to other industries. Failure or malfunction of such equipment means lives at stake. Machines that test the functionality of medical equipment must be carefully designed to ensure accuracy of the equipment without interfering with the results.


A biomedical company was tasked with building an imitation heart. The heart would be a replica of an actual human heart with a system of valves and membranes that fluid (imitating blood) could be pumped through for the purposes of testing heart monitoring equipment. In addition, common variances in the human heart such as systolic and diastolic blood pressure and changes in heart rate needed to be simulated. The imitation heart also needed to be compact and easily transported to the location of equipment to be tested.


The integrated SmartMotor was chosen because of its advanced controller and Contouring Mode capabilities. The advanced algorithm to mimic the human heart beat could be tailored to the desired rhythm and systolic and diastolic pressures. In addition, the integrated nature of the SmartMotor minimized cabling and completely eliminated the need for a panel of drives or control cabinet, allowing the imitation heart machine to be carried between medical equipment, saving time and valuable floor space.


With the new Class 5 SmartMotor, no external host is required. All changes to systolic and diastolic pressures and rhythm may be changed dynamically though cam table adjustments as required. An HMI may be used to update values while running.