A Complete Motion Control System inside the SmartMotor™

What makes the Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ by far the most powerful integrated motor in the industry is its unique ability to control an entire machine. The SmartMotor is not just a motor; it is a complete motion control system and the result of an innovative design philosophy. The unsurpassed programming ease, networking capability, highly flexible and expandable I/O, and high power density servo performance is exactly what you should expect from the pioneer and recognized global leader of truly integrated motion control.

The simplicity and ease of use goes beyond just “compactness;” it results in overall reduced machine development time (shortening time-to-market), lower total machine cost, greater field reliability, and simplified machine design and build time, eliminating heavy procurement and support activities.

Class 5 SmartMotor™

  • Dual Trajectory Path Generators
  • Velocity Mode and Electronic Gearing summed together
  • Dedicated firmware command set of traverse and take up winders
  • Available with Combitronic™, the parallel-processing system
  • Available with CDS7 Option, power, CAN bus and RS-232 through 7W2 (for SM23165 series motors)
  • Available with CDS Option, CAN through DB15 (for motors other than SM23165 series)

Class 6 SmartMotor™

  • Onboard controls allow for distributed controls across the machine
  • Simplify wiring, reduce cost through the onboard dual-port Ethernet switch
  • Fieldbus communication through EtherCAT®, PROFINET® or EtherNet/IP™
  • Supports Combitronic™, the parallel-processing system, over EtherNet/IP™
  • Easily access SmartMotor™ programmable autonomous control features in slave mode, which allows special user-programmed functions
  • Optionally communicate with the motor through the RS-485 half-duplex port, which provides access as a Modbus Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Slave

What is Combitronic™ Technology?

Combitronic technology is an optional communications protocol that is available for the Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ servo. It operates over a standard “CAN” (Controller Area Network) interface. This is the same basic hardware used in most automobiles as well as in familiar industrial networks such as CANopen™ and DeviceNet™.

Combitronic technology may coexist with either CANopen or DeviceNet protocols. However, unlike these common control networks, Combitronic has no master or slave. Each Combitronic-equipped SmartMotor connected to the same network communicates on an equal footing, sharing all information, and therefore, sharing all processing resources. 

Multi-Axis Synchronized Motion

SmartMotor™ capabilities truly shine when high-axis-count coordinated motion is needed. SmartMotor servos have the ability to have one or several masters within a network. With the optional Combitronic™ communications over the CAN bus, a user may write one program in a motor that can monitor and alter other parameters and data in any other motor in the network in real time. Watch video to learn more.