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TOPIC: "Stop" & "Decelerate" - button doesn't work!

"Stop" & "Decelerate" - button doesn't work! 7 years 2 months ago #1086

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I have a problem.

When I press the "Stop" or "Decelerate" Button during a program is runing, nothing happens!

It is also not possible to "Polling the motor" in the motorview-window, I always get the error "No response received!"

It is a very bad feeling to know I can't stop the machine in an emergency.

So has anyone a solution for that problem?

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Re: "Stop" & "Decelerate" - button doesn't work! 7 years 2 months ago #1087

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If you are using SMI or the SmartMotor playground software, it is meant for development of motor programs that would get downloaded to the motor. It is not meant for production floor control.
Out of the box, a motor will not have a motor address. If you have a downloaded program and it does not have a motor address or "ECHO" in it, then SMi will not be able to tell the motor to stop unless SMI has already been told to address or detect the motor on the line. .
This would also be why you get no response received.
If you have a polling window open up and click on "POLL", the same above applies. the motor must be addressed and/or detected (as a pre addressed motor) before polling will work.
Otherwise you would get the "no response received" message.
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