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TOPIC: Hooking up a legacy model (pin out configurations and pin assignment to the computer)

Hooking up a legacy model (pin out configurations and pin assignment to the computer) 8 years 7 months ago #404

I have a question regarding the pin out configuration on the Smart Motor and connecting it to a computer to work with.

The motor was already connected to a touch screen console and has been able to receive commands from it for the last year or so. We're trying to modifiy the programming in the motor so we can get it to operate a number of solenoids to work a more complicated system we're setting up.

We do not have a factory cord from Animatics. We had our machine built from an outside company. The cord that we have goes into a box and splits (it looks like they just cut the outer casing to expose the wires inside of it). I can see the five colored pin out wires and the two heavier power cables coming out of it.

The heavier power cables are hooked up to a power supply. Three of the five colored wires are soldered into the back of a 7 pin connector, which plugs into the touch screen console.

We have a very crude diagram that labels the positions of the wires and the pin configurations for the motor.

1. White (not hooked up to anything)
2. Red (not hooked up to anything
3. Blue (labeled "TX")
4. Yellow (labeled "RX")
5. Black (labeled "GRND")

These wires are soldered to the back of the 7 pin connector as follows;

1. open
2. Blue (labeled "TX")
3. Yellow (labeled "RX")
4. open
5. Black (labeled "GRND")
6. open
7. open

We're having a hard time communicating with the Smart Motor through a lap top. We've tried plugging the 7 pin connector into a 7-9 pin converter and then into the back of our laptop and it doesn't read anything at all. We called tech support and they suggested trying a 7-25 pin connector (we had to dig up the oldest computer we had in our office; dubbed "the Monolith") and we could get the software to pick up the motor, but we still can't feed it basic commands or work from the open software window.

We're starting to wonder if the 7 pin connector is soldered together right. The two of us working on this project are complete noobs.

Using our own confused logic on the system, we think that the blue and yellow wires should be soldered to pins 3 and 4 of the 7 pin connector, respectively. We tore open another machine though that we had the same company put together for us and the pins were set up the same way as above. There again, we never had the motor outputting any commands to anything.

Does any of this make sense to you guys? All we want to do is get the motor to hook up to our computer so we can feed it basic commands. We could care less about the touch screen console at this point. We have all the tools necessary to scratch build a cord if we need to, we just need to know which pins should be going into what.

Thanks ahead of time.
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Re: Hooking up a legacy model (pin out configurations and pin assignment to the computer) 8 years 7 months ago #405

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Please call our tech support line 888-356-0357 and I will send you the documentation you need.
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