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Sales and Quality Assurance Literature:
Animatics Catalog
SmartMotor™ Success Checklist (your guide to a successful application of SmartMotor)
SmartMotor™ Comparison Chart
PLS2 SmartMotor™ Comparison Chart
Declaration of Conformity - CE: Part I Part II
SmartMotor PLS2 CE DoC
SmartMotor Manuals:
SmartMotor™ User's Guide
Language Reference Guide
CANopen Manuals:
CANopen SmartMotor™ Catalog
CANopen EDS File
DeviceNet Manuals:
DeviceNet SmartMotor™ Catalog
DeviceNet SmartMotor™ Specifications
DeviceNet SmartMotor™ Specifications: Appendices
DeviceNet SmartMotor™ Appendix: I/O Polling Messaging Handshaking Example
DeviceNet SmartMotor™ Specifications: Mode Velocity Example
DeviceNet SmartMotor™ Specifications: Appendix: Pins A to G
DeviceNet SmartMotor™ Specifications:
Appendix: Communicating between the Motor User Program and DeviceNet
DeviceNet SmartMotor DN2 Specifications
Example Allen Bradley PLC Program
ProfiBus Manual:
ProfiBus SmartMotor™ Specifications (Preliminary)
Ethernet Manual:
Ethernet Specifications
Product Manuals:
AIO-100 - Analog I/O Card

CBLIO43-x, CBLIO52-x, CBLIO43DE-x, and CBLIO52DE-x

AIO-110 - Analog I/O Card
AIO-116 - Analog I/O Card
DIO- 100 Joystick
DINIO7 LCD - Character Displays
DINIO-RS485 PW108, PW116 - Numeric Push Wheels
Application Notes:
SmartMotor™ Version Update
Motion Control Chip Optional Firmware
Version 4.76 for SMXXXX-PLS series
SMNC (SmartMotor Numeric Control) - User's Guide (3,586 KB)