Add High Torque CD Motors to Your SmartMotor™ System

SmartNews | June 2021

Do you need high torque motor capability in your SmartMotor™ system? Through our DS2020 Drive with Combitronic™ Technology, you can now achieve high torque and performance by integrating this drive with select Moog Compact Dynamic (CD Series) Brushless Servo Motors, as part of your new or existing SmartMotor system.

Moog’s CD Series motors are electronically commutated synchronous AC motors with permanent magnet field excitation, designed for highly dynamic servo applications where positioning times of 30 msec or less are often the norm. The compact, lightweight construction simplifies machine design, allowing for seamless integration in a wide range of applications, including precision material handling, metal forming, packaging, robotics, and assembly.

Offering one of the industry’s widest power ranges, this modular design provides a variety of customizable options, such as natural or fan cooling, integral holding brakes, IP67 shaft sealing, and more. The standard IP65 compliant construction of the CD series servos offers protection from contaminants, for many years of reliable, low maintenance operation.

The flexibility of Moog’s CD series motors combined with the DS2020 Combitronic drive allows customers to achieve their high torque and speed requirements, all while limiting costs and reducing the time for redesign in existing systems.

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