Santa Clara, CA ─ November 23, 2010 ─ Rarely does it happen that a company completely reinvents both its website and its product line at the same time. With Animatics’ brand-new website comes the world debut of its line of “Class 5” SmartMotor featuring groundbreaking “Combitronic™” technology. Not only does the motor contain the entire control system, but a distributed group of SmartMotor™ units now automatically act as a single, multi-axis controller.

Since Animatics invented the fully integrated servo in 1994, the growth of this new market segment has dramatically outstripped the growth of general motion control. Every day more machine builders are realizing the tangible benefits of faster time-to-market and reduced field-service costs unique to integrated servos. Today many companies make integrated motors, but only the pioneer, Animatics, has Combitronic technology: a means by which a collection of from 2 to over 100 integrated servos can be linked over simple CAN and automatically share all motion, I/O, control and computational resources. The system integrator doesn’t write a stitch of communications code while eliminating data collisions and gaining full deterministic arbitration.

Users can discard the concept of Master-Slave and enjoy a unified, multi-tasking programming environment that combines, until now, the previously disparate benefits of Centralized and Distributed Control.

Animatics’ completely redesigned website at went live October 22, 2010 and is organized to communicate the groundbreaking shift Class 5 brings to the integrated motor market. The website explains improvements beyond the Combitronic technology, including 5-times faster program execution rates, faster RS-232 and RS-485 communication rates, CANopen, DeviceNET and Profibus options, the introduction of floating point math and variables, including trigonometric functions, high-speed contouring for G-Code CNC and glue laying applications, sinusoidal commutation and even faster PID.

Class 5 remains bolt, shaft and connector compatible with its predecessors for the benefit of Animatics’ existing customer base. Animatics will continue to sell and support its Class 4 line of products, but customers making the switch to Class 5 will no longer either need a PLC to control the machine, or they can unburden the task of an existing PLC, enhancing its use. By way of example, ten SmartMotors on a Combitronic Link are a complete motion and machine control System with 10 RS-232 ports, 10 RS-485 ports and from 70 to 170 points of 5V, in addition to, isolated 24V universal analog and digital I/O.


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