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Animatics Corporation is proud to announce that it has just introduced the Cam Programming Feature to its Cutting Edge" line of SmartMotors. This long awaited breakthrough feature makes it possible to eliminate the carved out steel reciprocating motion cams and has given rise to the next wave of the SmartMotor™ design.

The new SmartMotor™ technology provides an electric alternative to using Mechanical Cam Replacements. This efficient, space saving Cam Programming Feature is the next step in the "evolution" of the SmartMotor™. Utilizing meticulous design and testing processes the Cam Programming Feature eliminates the impractical use of large steal rotors, while dramatically reducing the space needed to accomplish specific functions.

Animatics new process which involves integrating an encoder on the rotating part of the machine, sending the signal to the SmartMotor™ and programming the Cam profile into the SmartMotor™ allows for the complex, repeating motions to be sustained. This repetitive process is accomplished and maintained without any of the typical mechanical limitations. The Cam feature will also perform linear interpolation between those entries as well as between the first as the Cam progresses through the table and back to the beginning.

With vigorous testing and methodology Animatics commitment to revolutionizing the smart motor industry has lead to ground breaking technology that is clearly illustrated in this new Cam Programming Feature.

This development will greatly enhance the smart motor in all it's capacities, and in turn, have an affect that will create a new vision for Designer Engineer and Customers to benefit for years to come.

Animatics is Defining the Future in Motion Control!

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