Every Application Can Benefit from Mechatronics Integrated Motor technology

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Animatics Corporation offers high performance Integrated Servo Systems, AKA: the SmartMotors. Each Animatics SmartMotor™ is an all-in-one integrated servo motor system (closed loop servo motor, amplifier, and controller) that optimizes machine control and automated tasks. Compared to the technology of typical servo systems, which historically consists of individual controls, drive amplifiers and motors, the SmartMotor is revolutionary. With capabilities of multi-axis coordinated motion and G-Code software, CNC motion couldn't be easier and by utilizing highly flexible on-board I/O and additional expanded I/O, any SmartMotor™ can control an entire machine. Frame sizes range from standard NEMA 17 to NEMA 56 with speeds up to 18,000 RPM. Today, the integrated servo system technology, pioneered by Animatics, has become the benchmark standard in prototype development. During the Mechatronic decade the development of the typical servo system into one integrated unit was first named the SmartMotor. This technology has made a remarkable difference in automated machine design standards.

The simple design of the SmartMotors has brought these important benefits:

• Much smaller NEMA control cabinet or eliminate it entirely (no drive amps or controls to install)
• Less cabling (no command signal, encoder feedback or motor amp)
• With 7 onboard I/O lines per motor and expandability, PLC's can be eliminated
• Easily controlled by a simple PC or HMI (Human Machine Interface)
• Less parts means longer life and less downtime

Animatics Corporation has 14 years of proven reliability and performance with product guaranties to match. In the past such motors were very expensive but are now readily available at considerably lower prices starting at only $499 (in quantities). At this price many motion-system designers are finding this the simplest and most cost effective solution to replace past generation technologies like steppers or conventional servo systems to gain more control and broaden the capabilities of applications while saving space.



Standard features that come with the SmartMotors, depending on size, include:
• On-the-Fly variable electronic gearing.
• Phase offset adjust while gearing
• Electronic camming w/relative and absolute cam modes
• True 3D coordinated motion (not limited to any plane)
• RMS voltage and current feedback for true torque sensing
• Both RS232 and RS-485 serial communications at the same time.
• Data mode communications allowing for specific communication protocols
• Up to 64 channels of expanded I/O per motor via the Anilink protocol
• More than 800 channels of I/O via dedicated RS-485 expanded I/O
• DC input to 48V (NEMA 17 through NEMA 34 frame sizes).
• AC input to 208V 3 phase (NEMA 42 through NEMA 56 frame sizes).
• Standard military connectors (NEMA 42 through NEMA 56 frame sizes).

Optional devices include:
• 256,000 line high-resolution encoder
• Built in automatic brake powered by the SmartMotor
• High speed I/O trigger option
• IP65 protocol with environmentally sealed connectors and joints
• Precision straight and right angle planetary gear heads
• Isolated communications and power DIN rail mount distribution block
• Isolated DIN rail mount motor I/O break-out that accepts standard optical modules
• Dedicated DIN rail mount, 8-in 8-out expanded I/O block
• 24VDC optically isolated I/O cable assemblies

SmartMotors have been introduced into nearly every type of manufacturing process including: Animatronics, semiconductor handling equipment, medical equipment, automotive equipment and countless other manufacturing sectors.
Some of the uncommon applications integrated motors are used for include: autonomous and remote controlled robotics, human head impact studies and Electronic Tuna robotic undersea devices.
As awareness and the ability to integrate reaches its full potential the usefulness of these motors will be realized and will become the standard in every area of production, development and research.

Animatics is Defining the Future in Motion Control!

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