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Animatics Corporation is the pioneer and recognized leader of integrated motion control, but our quest for innovation doesn’t end there. The engineers of Animatics are market-tested experts in designing and manufacturing custom products or Custom Product Engineering (CPE).

When an OEM in Switzerland recently asked us to literally unwrap" a SmartMotor™, Mike Hyslop, the International Vice President of Sales and Marketing said, no problem, looks like a job for Custom Product Engineering." Mike explains further It was a unique application that involved a robotic arm that was sensitive to weight and inertia; thus, in order to reduce the weight of our integrated product, they requested that we ‘unwrap’ or disperse the components of a SmartMotor, the Brushless DC servo, amplifier and motion controller throughout the length of the robotic arm –and- communicate over a Profibus network to other SmartMotors’ and components. It was a great challenge to our engineers."

Robert Bigler, the CEO of Animatics agrees, This is an exciting and high growth area. In order to maintain an edge in today’s competitive environment, companies are being pushed to find new and innovative ways of solving motion control problems and sometimes their solution can’t be found ‘off the shelf’. We have some of the best engineers in the industry and they always rise to the challenge."

Animatics has completed a multitude of custom projects that involve engineered designs and pre-engineered integrated solutions for specific customer applications. Our engineers’ strengths lie in the ability to use our standard products as a foundation for creating customer products that meet unique customer requirements. Their success is due to a unique approach to motion control: Integrated controls and amplifiers, fully digital systems requiring no physical adjustments, sealed and compact packaging, and minimum component count for maximum MTBF.

Animatics is Defining the Future in Motion Control!

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