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September 8, 2003 - Animatics launches the SM 3416, Nema 34 size low cost integrated servo motor. The SM 3416 is exceptional, producing more than 1 NM of continuous torque at an unprecedented low cost.

Those who love the benefits of integrated servo motors have been clamoring for a low cost product in the NEMA 34 size and torque range. While it sets a new precedent in low cost integrated motion control, the SM3416 has all the features you've come to expect from SmartMotors™, a true departure from the wiry mess of the traditional component solutions.

In 1994, when Animatics released the world's first line of fully integrated servos, with all of the positioning electronics, driver circuits and the encoder built into a single small unit, the industry was slow to accept the radical departure from conventional motion control. Today, the fear is gone, the technology proven, and the integrated servo market is touted by independent studies as the fastest growing market within the motion control industry.

The SM3416 is a SmartMotor in a familiar package. Based on Animatics' patented, award winning 'cube' design of the SM2315, the SM3416 is the final chapter of the highly successful line of OEM Series SmartMotors. Comprised of both NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 SmartMotors, the OEM Series delivers competitively priced integrated motion control to the high volume OEM and integrated markets.

Animatics Corporation is the world leader in integrated motion control. Animatics is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and designs, manufacturers, and markets motion control products for industries ranging from semiconductor, nuclear, automotive and machine tool to traditional industries such as CNC. Animatics' strength lies in using technological innovation to meet complete solutions for motion control.

Animatics is Defining the Future in Motion Control!

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