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Integrated, Innovative Servo Controls for High End Automation

With over 20 years of application designs operating on production floors internationally, we offer high performance, low-cost, reliable components and subsystems for industries including, but not limited to: 

  • Consumable Product Packaging Machines
  • Semiconductor Wafer and Chip Processing
  • Biomedical Process and Control Equipment
  • Automotive Component Assembly and Testing 
  • CNC Wood and Metal Cutting Systems
  • Aviation Testing and Control
  • Nuclear Fuel Rod Handling Systems

Low-Cost Breakthrough

Lowering cost without sacrificing quality, accuracy or system integrity is the number one topic and goal on the minds of the board of directors and management of every major company in the world. Today, the goal is achievable without resorting solely on the old-fashioned, cost-cutting methods of reducing US and European employees in favor of offshore suppliers. 


Integrated Linear Actuators

All Moog Animatics linear integrated systems couple proven integrated servo controls with innovative designs in linear actuators to provide system components and sub-assemblies for high-end automation. Moog Animatics is dedicated to delivering component-level products and subsystem assemblies with high performance and reliability at the lowest possible prices. Our coupled subsystems allow you to just drop us in and go!

The ROT1 Series Rotary Actuators

The Moog Animatics ROT1 rotary actuator is a belt-driven rotary stage with low backlash and high positional accuracy — ideal for high-speed indexing and precision rotation. With the Moog Animatics ROT1  rotary actuators, you get a turnkey, easy-to-use solution for all rotary-table applications requiring moderate to high loads. 

Key Features

• Preloaded duplex angular contact bearings

• Open through-hole

• Integrated belt reduction

• Aluminum construction 

*Due to inertial mismatch, SmartMotor models SM23165D and SM23165DT are not recommended for direct drive of the ROT1 rotary actuators. 

Ball Screw Actuators

Moog Animatics offers two series of ball screw actuators — the L70 series and the XL100 series — for high precision and minimal friction motion control performance. Both XL100 and L70 actuators have options for travel limits that fit inside slots of the base extrusion and are triggered by a magnet in the carriages. These units offer 50 micron, or better, of bi-directional repeatability thanks to the incorporation of a precision-ground recirculating ball nut, matched with a rolled ball screw. In addition, when paired with a SmartMotor™, they become a fully programmable motion-controlled actuator, rapidly field ready for a multitude of tasks across many industries.