CBLIP-ETH-MM: M-Style to M-Style Industrial Ethernet Network Cable


M-style to M-style Industrial Ethernet Cable (MM) has M12 male threaded connectors at both ends, used to daisy chain the Class 6 SmartMotors over the Industrial Ethernet connectors. It is available in 1, 3, 5 and 10 meter lengths. For straight ends, use part number CBLIP-ETH-MM-xM, where "x" denotes the cable length; for right-angle ends, use part number CBLIP-ETH-MM-xMRA.

Part NumberDescriptionLength
CBLIP-ETH-MM-1M M-Style Connectors 1 meters
CBLIP-ETH-MM-3M M-Style Connectors 3 meters
CBLIP-ETH-MM-5M M-Style Connectors 5 meters
CBLIP-ETH-MM-10M M-Style Connectors 10 meters

Cable Spec & Drawing Downloads: