CBLIP-IO series

The expanded I/O cables used with 24V I/O.


The expanded I/O cables are for use with the -AD1 expanded I/O option on all Class 5 SmartMotorâ„¢. Each cable is a 12 conduction shielded cable. Two conductors are for +24VDC I/O power. The other ten conductors are for ten channels of I/O.

CBLIP series cables are sealed M12 threaded connector brass pins with gold plating, maximum 4.0A 250V, foil shield with black PVC jacket ~7.4mm diameter.

Part Number Description Length
CBLIP-IO-FL-1M Flying Lead Straight Connector 1 meter
CBLIP-IO-FL-3M Flying Lead Straight Connector 3 meter
CBLIP-IO-FL-1MRA Flying Lead Right Angle Connector 1 meter
CBLIP-IO-FL-3MRA Flying Lead Right Angle Connector 3 meter
CBLIP-IO-EXT-1M I/O Extension Cable 1 meter
CBLIP-IO-EXT-2M I/O Extension Cable 2 meter
CBLIP-IO-EXT-3M I/O Extension Cable 3 meter

Cable Spec & Drawing Downloads: