The CBLSM-TR120 provides convenient CAN bus termination with pass-thru connection to the 15-pin D-sub connector on the Class 5 D-style SmartMotor™ with CDS or CDS7 option.


The CBLSM-TR120 provides convenient, pass-thru termination for CAN bus signals on the 15-pin D-Sub connector of the Class 5 SmartMotor™. It is used on D-style Class 5 SmartMotors with either the -CDS or -CDS7 option.

The CBLSM-TR120 requires no special software or drivers—it simply attaches onto the 15-pin D-sub connector, allowing you to terminate the CAN bus signal on the last SmartMotor node while still having access to the other D-sub connector pins.

  • The last SmartMotor in the daisy chain must also be the last CAN bus node. If there are other CANopen devices connected to the last SmartMotor, then a 120 ohm terminator (shunt) must be applied to the final CAN bus device.
  • For proper termination, there must be one terminator at each end of the CAN bus.
CAUTION: Proper termination is critical for successful network communications. Using less than two terminators is not acceptable; using more than two terminators is not acceptable.

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