Here's a roadmap to motor connectivity which shows the physical layout of how cables are used including power, communications, and I/O interconnection.

Connection Map

The cable connection maps show how the SmartMotor™ servos are connected. Click on the map to open up a bigger picture that you could use to navigate to relevant product pages.

Class 5 Motors with D-sub Style

Motor End Connections

CAUTION: M-style connectors must be finger tightened only! DO NOT use a tool. Doing so can cause overtightening of the connection, which may damage the connector and will void the warranty.


Connection examples shown here are based on the Class 5 D-Style SmartMotor™ only. For connection examples on other styles of SmartMotor™, please consult the factory at 888-356-0357.

Enclosed - Connectorize

RS-232 Communications using USB Adapter
RS-232 Communications with Power Supply and Protective Shunt
Isolated RS-485 Communications
Demonstration and Development Configurations