Legacy product refers to our Class 4 SmartMotor™ product family.

The new Class 5 SmartMotor servos, featuring patented combitronic network technology, have the most advanced motion control feature set of any comparable product on the market and are recommended for designs of the highest caliber.

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The term Class 5 refers to the new series of products consisting of the existing Class 4 motor line with hardware interface, but with much greater processing capability:

  • Five times faster program execution speed
  • Eight level priority stacked user definable interrupts
  • Four user definable independent timers
  • High Speed Contouring to sub-millisecond synchronization available through optional CANOpen communications bus
  • 10 additional points of isolated 24V I/O configurable as either Inputs, Outputs, or Analog Input available as option

The patented Combitronic technology, enables all SmartMotor™ servos become one multi-tasking, data-sharing system without writing one bit of communications code by using a CAN serial port to join all motors where any motor’s program can read, write or control any other motor.

Class 5 yields the best functionality and value and with the same I/O and serial ports, allowing for the same cables, power supplies and interface adapters to be used. Every effort has been made toward backward compatibility and we ensure a seamless transition to the newest SmartMotor technologies, enabling users to maintain familiarity while gaining net performance and programmability advancements.

Our foundation is customer service, and because of this Moog Animatics continues to support customers with Class 4 and previous generation products. All new applications and developments are being oriented toward our Class 5 products, which have become our standard DC powered SmartMotor™ servos. Class 4 and past generation products are still completely functional, yet do not contain the most recent technological advancements Moog Animatics has to offer, and thus are deemed \"Legacy products.\"


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This is a short movie featuring Class 5 SmartMotor™. Learn about advanced gearing and camming with a super imposed motion profile capability and other smart features of SmartMotor™.

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MT Series Integrated Servo System with Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder Option

This option is a hardware specific internal change with a required external battery for back-up to allow tracking of shaft, position when no power is being applied to the SmartMotor.

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