Moog Animatics offers an array of fieldbus options for your SmartMotor™ servo.

CANopenDeviceNet,   , Modbus, ProfiNet, EtherCAT and EthernetIP

They allow you to customize your SmartMotor™ with the communication option that will best suit your system and design.

With CANopen or DeviceNet you can use combitronic-100, a high speed transparent communication protocol over CANbus that enables you to control up to 120 SmartMotor servos at once.


Moog Animatics CANopen SmartMotor™

Note: Please see each individual motor specs to see availability of this option for each motor.

Features include:

  • I/O Device CAN bus Master (see details below)
  • All basic motion commands available via CiA V402and Motion Control Profile
  • Ability to read/write all SmartMotor variables
  • Use of onboard I/O via CANopen Gateway, SmartMotor program, or RS232 commands
  • Ability to run 1000 SmartMotor subroutines via SMI2 software and RS232 connection
  • Up to 127 nodes
  • 250 micro second interrupt driven subroutine with the -PLS firmware
  • Gateway Baud Rates: 20K, 50K, 125K, 250K, 500K, 1Mpbs default 125Kbps
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I/O Ports E and F are used for communications between the SmartMotor and the CANopen Gateway.

I/O Device CAN Bus Master - SmartMotors can now interface with standard CiA 301 CANopen devices including but not limited to:

  • Remote digital/analog/mixed signal I/O
  • CAN bus absolute or relative encoders
  • Inclinometers
  • Load cells
  • Temperature controllers
  • Pneumatic valve blocks
  • And more

Basic control allows 8, 16, or 32-bit sized data objects with support for both PDO and SDO protocols. The supported profiles include but are not limited to I/O profile, encoder profile, and DS4xx profile. This provides the ability to:

  • Dynamically map SmartMotor PDOs, map another device’s PDOs, start the NMT state
  • A SmartMotor can send/receive up to 5 PDOs each for RX (Receive) and TX (Transmit)
  • Read/write SDOs in expedited mode only; which works up to 32-bit data

Multiple SmartMotors and multiple I/O devices may be on the same CAN bus. This combined with Combitronic motor-to-motor communications allows for complex, multi-axis, multi-I/O-device network control. Now you can achieve full machine control with just the SmartMotors -- no other HMI or bus master is required!

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