DIN Rail Mount Adapter

The DINIO7 is a DIN Rail mount adapter that allows the Animatics SmartMotor™ to easily interface with popular Input/Output blocks like those produced by Gordos, Grayhill, OPTO-22™ and other manufacturers. The DINIO7 has slots for seven industry standard OPTO Modules and can be used with either input or output modules.

The DINIO7 has a 9 pin connector for direct connection to a personal computer serial RS232 communications port and an AniLink™ network connector. It is also equipped with an expansion bus to allow it to interface with other Animatics DIN rail mount adapters. Wiring Input/Output up to your Animatics SmartMotor™ is made simple with the DINIO7 breakout board.

Cross Reference To Compatible Opto Modules

Mfg DC Input DC Output AC Input AC Output
Opto-22 G4-IDC5 G4-ODC5 G4-IAC5 G4-OAC5A
Grayhill 70G-IDC5 70G-ODC5A 70G-IAC5A 70G-OAC5A
Crydom X4IDC5 X4ODC5 X4IAC5 X4OAC5
Gordos/Crouzet C4-IDC5 C4-ODC5 C4-IAC5 C4-OAC5
  (3-32VDC high side) (120VAC high side)


DB-15 or screw terminal access to your SmarMotor Easy connection for panel environment
AniLink port for expansion to other AniLink devices Cascadable
7 main I/O buses to cross connect I/O to other motors Flexible use
Aux buses to interconnect encoders between motors Simplifies encoder connections
Jump-in RS485 terminal resistors No added parts necessary for RS485 termination
On board DB-9 for fast RS232 access May be used with standard RS232 extension cables

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