Handheld Diagnostics and Testing Interface, is designed as an aid in test and development of Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ applications.
Description The SmartBox™ is small and compact in size but it offers big returns in convenience and time savings. smartbox-backIts portability and simple operation make it ideal for use at remote locations to run SmartMotor’s functions and for onsite testing.

The SmartBox Hardware consists of:

  • Two-Color LED connected to Port C Output can be programmed for 3 states: OFF, ON (Green), or ON (Red)
  • Three Position Toggle Switch (Go)-Off-(Sel.) spring return to center
  • Analog Input Potentiometer Connected to Port D
  • External Encoder Input w/1000 line encoder
  • 4 Red LEDs, in two sets wired reverse parallel to Ports E and F to allow for any or all to be turned on or off.
  • Cable with 15 pin D-sub I/O connector
  • Power Input Jack on side (2.1x5mm)

Sample SmartMotor™ program available:

Select from a variety of pre-programmed modes using the Selector switch w/LED indication of Mode corresponding to the label on the side of the unit.

This program allows simulation of the following:

  • Mode Follow at 1:1 counts v following Encoder Knob
  • Position Mode (Adjustable absolute commanded position)
  • Velocity Mode (Continuously variable, bi-directional)
  • Torque Mode (Continuously variable, bi-directional)
  • Relative Mode (Adjustable distance)
  • Fast Indexing (Self triggered with adjustable distance and dwell)
  • CAM Mode
  • Variable Gearing (Continuously adjustable gear ratio)
  • Preset Moves (Pre-programmed multi-move profiles)

The SmartBox can test and demonstrate the following hardware connections including:

  • Analog input
  • Digital I/O
  • Step and direction Input
  • Encoder I/O