SmartBox BCD™

SmartBoxBCD™: Designed for Use with SmartSelect Software!

Handheld Diagnostics and Testing Interface, similar to standard Moog Animatics SmartBox™, but is geared towards PLC I/O handshake simulation. smartbox-bcd-backIt is intended for use as a means to simulate 5 inputs from a PLC and 2 outputs back to the PLC to aid in development of applications where only On/Off I/O triggering is used to control the SmartMotor™.

The SmartBoxBCD™ Hardware consists of:

  • Two Bi-Color LEDs; one each connected to Ports E and F. Each can be set one of three states: OFF, ON (Green), or ON (Red)
  • Five Three-Position Toggle Switches (On)-Off-(Momentary-On.) where center position is off. Connected to Ports A, B, C, D, and G
  • Cable with 15 pin D-sub I/O connector
  • Power Input Jack on side (2.1x5mm)

When used with SmartSelect™ Software

The SmartBoxBCD interface simulates:

  • 4-bit binary Input from a PLC on ports A, B, C, and D
  • “Go” input from a PLC on Port G
  • Busy Output to PLC on Port E
  • Fault Output to PLC on Port F

When the Motor receives a “Go” signal, the program responds to 1 of 16 preset move profiles as determined by the 4-bit binary input state of Ports A, B, C, and D. While moving, the “Busy” LED is Red, once done, it switches to Green. If a Fault occurs, the Fault LED switches from Green to Red.

The SmartBoxBCD allows complete set-up and test of the SmartMotor™ in conjunction with the Point-And-Click SmartSelect™ Programming Tool. In doing so, the entire Servo Control of a system can be set up and tested prior to PLC Programming or I/O connections. As a result, machine development time is reduced to a minimum.