Open Frame Shunts (All)

  • Can be used with power supplies that have an output of 48 VDC or less
  • Automatic Gate-On when Voltage Exceeds Trigger Voltage
  • Easy direct parallel connection to power supply
  • SHUNT42V300WOF model offers up to 700W overload capacity for up to 5 sec, and includes a DIN rail adapter for mounting

Product Table

Type Part Number Trigger Voltage Drop out Voltage Current Draw
when gated on
Watts Effective
Bus Load
Open Frame SHUNT42V100WOF 49.5 VDC RISING 48.5 VDC FALLING 4 Amps 100 W 12.5 Ohms
SHUNT42V200WOF 49.5 VDC RISING 48.5 VDC FALLING 8 Amps 200 W 6.25 Ohms
SHUNT42V300WOF* 49.5 VDC RISING 48.5 VDC FALLING Up to 11 Amps 70/240 W** 4.7 Ohms

 *This model includes a DIN rail adapter for mounting.
Maximum possible power for a nominal duty cycle (NDC) in % of 120 s. The lower the percentage, the higher the possible power, because the shunt will not heat up much and has more time to cool down (e.g., NDC=30%: 36 s at 240 W, 84 s at 0 W).

NOTE: Shunts start loading the bus at 49.5 VDC and rising, and will be fully loaded at 53 VDC.

NOTE: Shunt PWM control allows load sharing. Multiple shunts may be connected in parallel to handle increased load.

WARNING: Improper power supply sizing may result in motor position error faults, motor resets, and machine faults.
NOTE: Specifications are subject to changes without notice.