Class 5 M-Style SmartMotor™

The Class 5 M-Style SmartMotor™ offers many D-style motor features along with M-style connectors and optional IP65 and IP67 ratings in NEMA 23 and 34 frame sizes. This series of harsh-environment rated M-style SmartMotor™ combines the quality and advanced motion control capabilities of the SmartMotor™ integrated servo in combination with an IP rating.

SmartMotor™ with the IP65 rating are both completely dust tight and protected from ingress of liquid that may occur from any angle, rendering no harmful effects on the electrical enclosure. SmartMotor™ with the IP67 rating can be submersed in water or other nonhazardous liquids to a depth of one meter for a maximum time of 30 minutes. Therefore, conditions with high levels of humidity and condensation are no longer a problem. The IP-rated models provide the perfect integrated servo for food and beverage manufacturing and packaging, rugged outdoor conditions, as well as any wet environment.

Model Data Sheet Frame Size Continuous Torque Peak Torque Nominal Power No Load Speed
SM23165MT NEMA 23 0.48 Nm
[68 oz-in]
1.07 Nm
[151 oz-in]
189 W 5000 RPM
SM34165MT NEMA 34 1.42 Nm
[201 oz-in]
3.94 Nm
[558 oz-in]
472 W 4900 RPM