Class 5 M-Style

The Class 5 SmartMotor™ is a highly programmable, fully integrated servo motor system that incorporates a motor, an encoder, an amplifier, a controller, serial communication, and IOs in one compact package. They also feature fieldbus communications options and optional Combitronic™ technology, which allows a network of SmartMotors to become one, giant parallel-processing system. All D-style SmartMotor™ have a primary RS-232 communications port, 7 channels 5V TTL non-isolated I/O, optional 10 channels expanded 24 VDC isolated I/O, dedicated encoder out, Combitronic communications option, fieldbus communication options, and much more.

Class 5 M-Style
Model Data SheetFrame Size Continuous Torque Peek Torque Nominal Power No Load Speed
SM23165MT pdf-icon NEMA 23 0.48 Nm
[68 oz-in]
1.07 Nm
[151 oz-in]
189 W 5000 RPM
SM34165MT pdf-icon NEMA 34 1.42 Nm
[201 oz-in]
3.94 Nm
[558 oz-in]
472 W 4900 RPM