SM17205M-LTR Class 5 M-Style SmartMotor™

The SM17205M-LTR (LTR-17) SmartMotor™ is engineered for robust and reliable operation in extremely frigid environments and at high altitudes.An onboard internal heater ensures start up in temperatures below -40°C and IP62 sealing is standard.

Key Features

  • Integrated drive and controller, which reduces wiring, increases reliability, simplifies installation and reduces setup time
  • Cold start-up from -40°C
  • Storage to -65°C
  • Onboard heater to bring internal circuit up to startup temperature
  • Shock and vibration resistant to 6G 10-2000Hz
  • Four 5V TTL sourcing inputs
  • IP62 sealed
  • Magnetic, single turn absolute encoder
  • RS-422 differential communication
  • FAA approved, click-fit connector
  • For RoHS exempt applications only
    (the LTR motors contain lead-based solder on some internal components to achieve increased reliability over greater thermal ranges)
       Plus, the LTR models include Class 5 SmartMotor features, such as:
  • Position, velocity or contouring mode
  • Encoder commutation with trapezoidal, advanced trapezoidal and sine commutation modes
  • Powerful Basic-like command language with over 200 operators: motion, IO, program flow, data handling, math, communications
  • Nonvolatile program and data storage
  • And more


Specifications: 48 VDC at 25°C

Continuous Torque (up to 4500 rpm)  36 oz-in
 0.25 N-m
Peak Torque at stall  66 oz-in
 0.47 N-m
Nominal Continuous Power (@5500 rpm)  135 Watts
No Load Speed  7,200 RPM
Motor Constant  7.3 oz-in/(watts).5
Encoder Type Magnetic
Encoder Resolution 4,000 Counts/Rev
Encoder A/B Output N/A
Rotor Inertia  21.7 (oz-in-sec2) x 10-4
Maximum Continuous Current (@ 6000 rpm)  3.6 amps
Peak Power (@ 5100 rpm)  155 watts
Torque Sensitivity (Kt)  8.8 oz-in/amp
Voltage Constant (Ke)  6.51 V/kRPM
Terminal Resistance (RT)  1.44 Ohms
Terminal Inductance (LT)  1.4 mH
Weight  0.6 lb
 0.27 kg
 Shaft Diameter  0.20 in
 5.08 mm
Shaft, Radial Load 7 lb
3.17 kg
Shaft, Axial Thrust Load 3 lb
1.36 kg

Rated power measured in MDT mode at 25°C ambient and must be derated at higher ambient temperatures.
Storage temperature range: -65°C to 85°C.
Normal operating temperature range: -55°C to 70°C.
External power or heater must bring temperature up to at least -40°C for startup from cold*

* See manual for more details

NOTE: Specifications are subject to changes without notice.

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Datasheet / Spec
SM17205M-LTR SM17205M-LTR SM17205M-LTR SM17205M-LTR SM17205M-LTR SM17205M-LTR
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