SmartMotor™ Servos Bring Integrated Benefits to Harsh Environments


The Moog Animatics harsh-environment rated SM23165MT and SM34165MT SmartMotor™ servos offer IP65 or IP67 ratings* with the convenience of a smaller frame size, NEMA23 and NEMA34, respectively, for compact applications. The sturdy design and thicker motor casing provides protection and durability, and therefore, any factory process using wash-down techniques or wet processing environments can benefit from the easily programmable SmartMotor and its unique features such as Combitronic communication protocol and stand alone linear interpolation.

*IP rating depends on motor options.

Features and Benefits

SM23165MT and SM34165MT Features and Benefits

  • Mil-style connectors
  • IP65 rating
  • Sturdy design and thicker motor casing
  • 10 points of 24V I/O
  • DeviceNet or CANopen
  • Brake Option Available
  • Combitronic
  • RS-485
  • Programmable Limits
  • Able to withstand humidity, water, oil and food debris