Multi-Axis Systems


We provide 2-axis and 3-axis configurations using actuators and the SmartMotor™:

L70 Series 2-Axis X-Y

The L70 series is designed with mounting holes for easy X-Y setup. The “L” shape provides a means to mount to either top or side of the carriage for up to four configurations of X-Y mounting. Additionally, the carriages can be mounted together for whole-axis movement.

L70 Series 3-Axis X-Y-Z

The configuration shown in the picture to the left includes four L70 ball screw actuators. No mounting brackets are needed when mounting an L70 actuator to itself. SmartMotor™ servos have a Mode Follow option which will allows a Master and Slave axis.

XL100 series 2-Axis X-Y

The XL100 series has mounting holes along the base of the extrusion to allow easy stacking without the need for a transition plate. Given the twin rail extended Moment loading capabilities, one axis can be fully cantilevered off of the other with <0.2mm deflection="" at="" full="" load="" 500mm="" br="">

HLD60 with L70 2-Axis System

A transition plate is available for direct mounting of an L70 series to an HLD series actuator to provide a compact secondary axis. The carriages of each axis can also be mounted to each other to provided whole axis movement. Additionally, the mounting holes on the L70 body directly line up with the threaded holes on the HLD carriage. This same setup can be in an X-Y or X-Z configuration.

HLD60 Twin Rails with L70 2-Axis System

The configuration shown in the picture to the left includes one HLD actuator with twin external rails and one L70 actuator. This is a close up of the mounting plate which is available. Mounting plates are also available for mounting a XL100 to an HLD actuator.

HLD60 with L70 3-Axis System

The configuration shown in the picture to the left includes two HLD actuators – one with a single external rail and one HLD actuator with twin external rails. Toe clamps are available for mounting the HLD actuators together. In this picture, there are two different sizes of toe clamps used.