Knowledge Base

Advanced Drive Capabilities (Plus Firmware Only)

Mode Torque Brake (MTB)

Intended as a means to quickly stop shaft motion in the event of drive fault or drive disable.

  • Dynamically shunts windings for quick stops
  • 60% peak overload stopping power
  • Automatically engaged under any shaft protection fault:
    • In other words, the motor has 60% more stopping power than its peak advertised torque at stall when MTB is activated
  • Automatically engaged under any shaft protection fault:
    • Position Error (Following Error)
    • Travel Limit Error
    • Over Temperature
    • RMS Over current

By connecting the travel limits to the E-stop circuitry, the motor can be quickly driven to a stop without the need of complete power removal. MTB only requires control power, not drive power.

Note: MTB can produce Peak torques as much as 60% beyond advertised stall torque of any given applicable Animatics SmartMotor™. It is imperative that any gear head or other shaft loads be capable of handling such a peak torque.

Trajectory Overshoot Braking (TOB)

NOTE: Must specify 4.78T firmware

Allows for smooth controlled decelaration and stabalization of high moment-of-intertia mismatch loads.

  • PWM controlled Dynamic braking
    • >30% better slowing power to prevent overshoots in speed or deceleration during the entire trajectory path.
    • Provides protection againast exceeding critical speed limits of lead screws