Brake Options

Animatics offers all SmartMotor™ with an optional brake with the following features:

  • Fail Safe - on loss of drive power, the brake will engage
  • Internally Powered - no need for extra cables
  • Zero backlash ! - no loss of position once the lead is held in place

Automatic firmware control:

  • By default, the brake engages upon any fault condition or drive-off state
  • Can disengage while moving and re-engage once stopped automatically

Automatic firmware control:

  • Hold vertical loads on loss of power for safety
  • Hold loads from shifting on mobile or moving base machine designs
  • Hold position on shut down to not lose position
  • Prevent operators from moving loads or equipment while shutdown
  • Prevent back drive of any load while the motor is in a fault state of OFF position

Considerations when using a brake:

  1. The brake will add length to the motor. Ensure there is adequate axial space for the added length.
  2. The brake must have power applied to allow motion. This does add some heat. It may be necessary to operate the brake only under trajectory as described above in "Automatic firmware control".
  3. If the brake is set to automatically disengage during moves, it will add an audible click at the beginning and end of each move.

  • If manual over-ride commands are used to engage the brake, it must be disengaged prior to other moves to avoid damage.
  • Excessive back driving of an engaged brake can cause dust build-up resulting in encoder disk contamination and/or permanent damage to the brake disk itself.
  • Heavy axial loading can cause improper brake operation. Excessive axial load inward may disengage the brake. Excessive axial load outward may jam the brake.