Control System Overview


Each Animatics SmartMotor™ contains the following:

    • True 3 Phase Brushless Servo
    • Hall sensor feedback for commutation
    • Encoder feedback for shaft position
    • Drive Amplifier
    • 6-step Trapezoidal commutation
    • 10 bit PWM
    • 3 phase MOSFET bridge
    • User direct reading of Bus voltage and Current
    • Voltage Mode operation
    • Motion Controller
    • 4000 Hz (250μsec) PID sample rate
    • 32-bit signed integer math
    • C/Basic-like code structure
    • Nested code to 6 levels deep
    • Up to 1000 subroutines
    • Two com Ports, RS-232/485
    • Address up to 100 motors on a bus
    • 7 I/O configurable as inputs or outputs
    • Each I/O point can be read as a 10-bit analog input
    Advantages over Conventional system include:
  • High noise immunity
  • Low emissions
  • Very High Tuning band width (very stable)
  • Very Compact Motion System
    (Shortest axial length closed-loop servo available)
  • Minimal complexity
  • Fewer parts > Higher MTBF
  • Easy troubleshooting
    Modes of Operation include:
  • Position Mode, 32-bit signed position register
  • Velocity Mode, closed loop on position, not frequency
  • Torque Mode, +/- 10-bit resolution
  • Gear mode (24-bit variable electronic gearing)
  • Step/Direction Mode (24-bit variable step ratio)
  • CAM Mode with ability to re-write to CAM table on-the-fly
  • Contouring Mode (from Host) fully capable for CNC applications
    Motor Options include (but are not limited to):
    • Industrial Bus Networking including:
    • DeviceNet™
    • ProfiBus™
    • Ethernet
    • CANopen
  • 2000 or 4000 line post quad encoder depending on model
  • Fail Safe Internal brake option operates automatically
  • Expanded Digital and Analog I/O peripherals at both 5VTTL
    and 24VDC logic levels.